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Dutch-5 and Compound Magic software!!


Spread-5 is a very simple and great way to make punting more Profitable and FUN!


Watch the video to see it in action.




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Spread-5 is perfect for controlling your outlay.

Simply plug in how much you want to spend on any race or sporting event -- the software does the rest.

Nothing fancy. Spread5 is  a simple -- but very effective -- software that allows you to bet more than one horse (up to 5 with this) per race. And you make a profit if any of the horses win.

In fact, statistics clearly show that if you bet the first 5 in the market you can expect to win around 80-85% of races.

Restrict races based on number of runners, the going and distance and you will likely improve on that already high strike rate !!

Spread-5 works for any currency such as GBP, Dollars, Euros, or any other currency based on 100 parts to a whole unit.

It can be used on dogs, horses and certain sports outcomes like football correct score, tennis sets betting and so on. And I am sure you will soon find more uses for it.

And look -- as a massive bonus we include with the purchase a very detailed Strategy Suggestions ebook, offering several potentially profitable ways to use it on horses, tennis, football and more besides.

Lots of easy-to-follow examples to get you up-n-profiting within a matter of minutes.

That book alone is easily worth the modest purchase price.


Please watch the first short video below to get an overview of the software.

Also, under it  the second video shows profitable, live play on 3 races.

You can download the User Guide to get more of a feel if you need to.





As you can see on the above layout it is easy to see at a glance both Profit % and Market %.

These tell you whether the risk justifies the wager on that particular race or event.

As the prices change on the horses, the dogs or sports teams, you can adjust the prices accordingly on-the-fly.

You can always see your total bets amount for the event.

This software also has a stay-on-top feature so you can have it staying on the screen as you open different windows.

If you push the "+" button it will stay open on the desktop, and won't keep disappearing.

This is very handy indeed when getting the prices, and also when placing the bets.

If you still more info for this nifty piece of software why not watch the video again? Or download the User Guide from below it.

Download user guide Click Here


See The Software in Action Live Demo.


 iPhone and iPad users Click Here to view video

In 6 minutes, $8.00 profit.

This software is maybe the best tool the casual punter can invest in.

It gives total control of money-management that most punters NEED.

And it will very soon pay for itself from your profits!

What are users says?

"I bought Max and Steve's Spread 5 software in the morning
and the same day 2/3 hours later I had made more than double
the cost of the software with NO losing bets.
I have NEVER purchased any software in the past that has given me these
sort of results, (and I've bought loads)
Hats off  to you rock!"
[Roy Ingamells  ]

Here are Roy's bets.








And this

It is an exe file and WILL NOT work on Apple PRODUCTS

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